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"We are the energy saving oriented people who utilize solar energy & being used by innovating Into various solar products."

Aadhi Solar Fencing manufacture in india | Coimbatore | Chennai


Our principal has successfully designed and installed High secured Fences for various Sensitive Government and private Institutions, Airports, Prisons, Large Industrial complexes etc.

Features of AADHI Solar Fencing

  • Active deterrent: Prevents all attempts break-ins.
  • Absolute reliability in detection: Total absence of force alarm, thanks to high voltage tracking by an electronic device.
  • Flexible structure: Forces intruder to short two wires in the event of any climb- over attempt and generates an alarm.
  • Triggers other security devices: Electronic sensing circuit activates other low voltage devices like sirens, floodlights and alarms when fence is tampered
  • Durable: Because of low physical contact.
  • Longevity and easy Maintenance: Thanks to high quality components like hot-dip galvanized metal parts, UV stabilized engineering plastic and energizer from Gallagher, New Zealand.
  • Dual power advantage: Functions on both solar and AC power with battery back-up.
  • Sleek and Aesthetic design: Suitable for residential and other small perimeters.
  • Standards: All components are fully tested and meet National & International standard.
  • Alarm Monitoring and Control: Our Network Controllers are specifically designed handle land perimeters with alarm monitoring and control.
  • Minimum Maintenance: Our security power Fence requires very little power & maintenance.
  • Service: Our network provides prompt service and maintenance we also undertake Operational Maintenance Agreement Contract for regular up keep of the fence.